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    Essays On Woman

         By Edith Stein, 2d ed., revised (1996), translated by Freda Mary Oben, Ph.D. Eight essays on the theme of woman and her vocation, with index.

    ISBN 0-935216-59-6
    ICS Code: W
    290 pages, paper, $13.95.

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    More Information

         With reason Edith Stein has been called "the most significant German woman of this century." Her writings on woman are the fruit of both reflection and debate with other leaders of the Catholic feminist movement in German-speaking countries between the World Wars.
         This second revised edition of Essays on Woman includes textual corrections, important new supplementary data, and previously unavailable material on the spirituality of the lay and religious woman. These essays crystallize long hours of experience teaching in the classroom and on the speaker's platform in the pursuit of fulfilling roles for women in all walks of life.


         "Every page of these essays reveals a mind, never doctrinaire or ruffled, but rather serene, graceful, wide-ranging, fearless, and deeply dedicated to a search for truth."
    - Keith J. Egan, Horizons

         "This newly revised edition…is a valuable text."
    - Review of Metaphysics

         "One would hope that these essays will be read widely and carefully by both men and women."
    - The Thomist