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    Saint Edith Stein

    • Life in a Jewish Family

    • By Edith Stein, translated by Josephine Koeppel, OCD. Edith Stein's autobiography, with map and 11 pages of photos.
      548 pages, paper, $17.95.

    • Essays On Woman

    • By Edith Stein, 2d ed., revised (1996), translated by Freda Mary Oben, Ph.D.
      Eight essays on the theme of woman and her vocation, with index.
      290 pages, paper, $13.95.

    • On The Problem of Empathy

    • By Edith Stein, translated by Waltraut Stein, Ph.D.
      Edith Stein's doctoral dissertation under Husserl, with index.
      135 pages, paper, $13.95.

    • The Hidden Life

    • By Edith Stein, translated by Waltraut Stein, Ph.D.
      Shorter spiritual writings on prayer, liturgy, and the spirit of Carmel, with 5 photos and index.
      156 pages, paper, $12.95.

    • Self-Portrait In Letters, 1916-1942

    • By Edith Stein, translated by Josephine Koeppel, OCD.
      The majority of her surviving letters, with 4 photos and index of recipients.
      357 pages, paper, $17.95.

    • Knowledge and Faith

    • By Edith Stein, translated by Walter Redmond.
      Five contributions on the title themes, including two of Stein's most famous essays: a comparison of Husserl and Aquinas, and an examination of the "Ways to Know God" according to Pseudo-Dionysius.
      176 pages, paper, $15.95

    • Edith Stein: Her Life in Photos and Documents

    • By Amata Neyer, OCD, translated by Waltraut Stein, Ph.D.
      Pictorial biography, with over 100 photos of Carmel's newest saint, by leading expert on Edith Stein.
      84 pages, paper, $13.95.

    • Holiness Befits Your House

    • Edited by John Sullivan, OCD.
      Collection of papal documents and other materials related to the beatification and canonization of Edith Stein.
      64 pages, paper, $7.95

    • Philosophy of Psychology and the Humanities

    • Edited by Marianne Sawicki; Translated by Mary Catharine Baseheart and Marianne Sawicki.
      Edith Stein's analysis of the interplay between the philosophy of psychology and cultural studies, particularly psychoanalytic theory and behaviorism.
      324 pages, paper, $13.95

    • Finite and Eternal Being

    • Edited by Dr. L. Gelber and Romaeus Leuven, O.C.D.; Translated by Kurt F. Reinhardt.
      Edith Stein gradually shows how the being of all finite existents (especially the human "I" ) finds its ultimate ground and destiny in the eternal Divine Being, the Creator whose trinitarian nature is reflected throughout creation.
      664 pages, paper, $19.95

    • The Science of the Cross

    • Edited by Dr. L. Gelber and Romaeus Leuven, O.C.D.; Translated by Josephine Koeppel, O.C.D.
      Edith Stein helps the reader apprehend the difference in the symbolic character of cross and night and why the night-symbol prevails in the works of St. John of the Cross.
      408 pages, paper, $14.95
    • Edith Stein: The Life of a Philosopher and Carmelite
      By Teresia Renata Posselt, O.C.D.
      Edited by Susanne M. Batzdorff, Josephine Koeppel and
      John Sullivan
      Teresa Renata Posselt, O.C.D. was the Novice Director, then Mother Prioress of the Cologne Carmel when Edith Stein lived there. This is Posselt’s tribute to Saint Edith Stein, a wreath of recollections, lovingly woven together. It is also the first-ever biography published about that “Great Woman of the Twentieth Century.”
      400 pages, paper, $15.95

    • Edith Stein: An Investigation Concerning the State
      Translated by Marianne Sawicki
      Any state exists only for the benefit of human beings.  This basic tenet of Edith Stein's political thought rests on her conviction that humanity is fundamentally one community, precious beyond measure. Stein wrote this treatise in the early days of the Weimar Republic, shortly after the First World War.  It sets forth a philosophy of law,  government, and administration that is at once idealistic and practical. 
      202 pages, paper, $13.95

    • Potency and Act
      Translated by Walter Redmond 
      Potency and Act is the second of three works in which Edith Stein said she endeavored to fulfill her “proper mission’ in philosophy, her “life’s task”: relating the phenomenology of her teacher Edmund Husserl and the scholasticism of St. Thomas Aquinas. But more than “critically comparing” the two ways of thinking, she wished to “fuse” them into her own “philosophical system,” searching for that perennial philosophy lying “beyond ages and peoples, common to all who honestly seek truth.”
      576 pages, paper, $19.95
    •  Edith Stein: Letters to Roman Ingarden
      (Edith Stein: Self-Portrait in Letters)
      The Collected Works Volume 12
      By Edith Stein, translated by Hugh Candler Hunt.
      More than 150 letters, some published for the first time, to her professional colleague and friend Roman Ingarden, founder of phenomenology in Poland.
      With 13 photos, bibliography and index
      392 pages, paper, $22.95