Carmelite Supplement to the Liturgy of the Hours

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Discalced Carmelite Proper Offices

A Supplement to the Divine Office
The Liturgy of the Hours according to the Roman Rite

Published by Carmelite International Publishing House.
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Pray your daily office in union with your Carmelite family.

  • Never miss a Carmelite feast day - With every saint and blessed up through 2017, this supplement offers more than 45 opportunities to celebrate your Carmelite identity.
  • A durable companion - This sturdy hardback edition is covered in faux leather, ensuring this handsome little book (a nice size for your purse or briefcase) will survive for years to come.
  • Easy to use - Clear running heads throughout the book and two attached ribbons help keep your place.


  • ICS code: NICS-SUPP
  • Format: hardback
  • Pages: 365
  • Publishers: Carmel International Publishing House
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