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Elizabeth of the Trinity: The Unfolding of Her Message (Two-volume set)

Product Description

Elizabeth of the Trinity 

The Unfolding of Her Message
(Two-volume set)

Joanne Mosley

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  • Format: paper
  • Volume 1: In the World and In Community
    Pages: 486;  ISBN: 978-0-947916-11-4
  • Volume 2: In the Infirmary and After Her Death
    Pages: 556;  ISBN: 978-0-947916-12-1
  • Publisher: Teresian Press, Oxford, England (2012)

This informative and inspiring two-volume biography of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity (2012) by Joanne Mosley traces the development of Elizabeth’s spirituality throughout her short but rich life.

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Author : Joanne Mosley

Elizabeth of the TrinityVolume 1
introduces readers to the very human Elizabeth, from turbulent childhood through gifted adolescence and young adulthood, and into her life in the Dijon Carmel. We learn of the development of her Trinitarian spirituality, the influence of Scripture on her life, and her growing movement into silent adoration of the indwelling Trinity. This volume includes helpful background on the political and ecclesiastical situation of France at the time, and reactions of her sisters in community to the young nun.


Elizabeth of the Trinity Vol 2Volume 2 accompanies Elizabeth during the final months of her life, as she embraced the way of the cross with courage and love in her illness and death at age 26. We witness, too, the impact of her message after her death: the books she has inspired and the countless lives she has touched around the world. Includes a detailed chronology of Elizabeth’s life and an extensive bibliography.

About the Author:

Joanne Mosley is assistant editor of Mount Carmel, the spiritual review published by the Teresian Carmelites of the United Kingdom. She is also the author of Edith Stein: Modern Saint and Martyr (2004, Gracewing and Paulist Press