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The Elizabeth of the Trinity Bundle

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The Elizabeth of the Trinity Bundle

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  1. The Complete Works of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, vol. 1
  2. The Complete Works of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, vol. 2
  3. Always Believe in Love: Selected Writings of Elizabeth of the Trinity
  4. He Is My Heaven: The Life of Elizabeth of the Trinity
  5. Light – Love – Life: Elizabeth of the Trinity

Since Elizabeth of the Trinity was canonized just last year, many in the English-speaking world have yet to discover her life or her message. Her focus on the Triune God who dwells within us offers a timely invitation for contemporary women and men to live our spiritual journey at greater depth.

Our Elizabeth of the Trinity Bundle has everything you need to learn more about this charming new saint.

  • First, get to know the woman and her story. He Is My Heaven draws on Elizabeth’s own writings and other sources to give us a short, readable portrait of this young woman who was fascinated by the reality of the Indwelling Trinity. 
  • Then, put a toe in the water. Always Believe in Love is a small but valuable book that offers an insightful selection of the most significant extracts from Elizabeth’s writings—her diary, letters, and poetry—together with useful introductions and commentary.
  • Now, discover her wisdom. Volume 1 of her complete works includes a general introduction and her major spiritual writings, including two sets of retreat notes ("Heaven in Faith" and "Last Retreat") and her famous prayer "O My God, Trinity Whom I Adore."
  • Continue exploring. Volume 2 of her complete works features the letters she wrote as a Carmelite nun. Writing to friends and family in her simple and warm style, Elizabeth returns again and again to the great themes of her spirituality: the indwelling Trinity, silence and solitude, living by love, becoming a "praise of glory" (laudem gloriae) by sharing in the dying and rising of Jesus Christ.
  • Get to know her by sight. In Light – Love – Life more than 70 actual photographs let us encounter Elizabeth at every stage of her life: from the pouting toddler hugging her doll to the talented young pianist, from the style-conscious socialite to the radiant contemplative nun. This photo album, with rich historical background and selections from her writings, gives us Elizabeth as she was. It invites us to know her better and to make her secret—God’s indwelling presence—our own.