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The Mother of the Little Flower

Product Description

The Mother of the Little Flower

Zélie Martin (1831-1877)

Sr. Genevieve of the Holy Face (Céline Martin)

St. Thérèse's mother herself  was a saint.  Zélie Martin and her husband Louis were declared Saints by the Church in 2015 for their Heroic Virtue and sanctity.

Zélie married at 27, bore 9 children, ran a home business and did a superb job of raising 5 daughters including the greatest saint of modern times. (St. Pius X). She died of breast cancer at 45, but her greatness was recognized by her family and her friends, and is now known to the world. Zélie suffered many of the ordinary burdens of life, yet she was happy, loved her children madly and enjoyed them immensely.

This book was written by her daughter Céline, who had access to Zélie's letters and to the reminiscences of her older sisters in the Carmel of Lisieux. It is authentic and inspiring, showing what a tremendous life s work and accomplishment it is to be a truly Catholic mother. Looking at Zélie's picture, one can see her incredible character, integrity, goodness, constancy and love.

  • ICS code: NICS-MT
  • Format: paper
  • Pages: 123
  • ISBN: 978-0-895558-11-4
  • Publishers: TAN Books