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Carmelite Studies Series

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The Heirs of St. Teresa of Ávila:  Defenders and Disseminators of the Founding Mother's Legacy

Carmelite Studies IX: The Heirs of St. Teresa of Avila

Edited by Christopher Wilson, PhD

This volume of Carmelite Studies presents new insights into the lives and writings of individuals who knew Teresa of Ávila in life and who, after her death in 1582, worked to propagate and defend her legacy, including the illustrious nuns Ana de San Bartolomé, Ana de Jesús, María de San José, and Ana de San Agustín, and her close male confidant and collaborator, Jerónimo Gracián de la Madre de Dios. A further focus of the essays is the reception of the Teresian heritage by individuals outside the order, as mediated by these early Discalced Carmelites and by Teresa's published writings.

A Better Wine:  Essays Celebrating Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD

Carmelite Studies X: A Better Wine: Essays Celebrating Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD

Edited by Kevin Culligan, OCD

Ten members of the Institute of Carmelite Studies contribute to this volume honoring their Carmelite brother and colleague, Fr Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD on his fifty years as a Catholic priest.