Save 40% on orders with over $100 of ICS titles with Promo Code: ICSBULK


Discount Policy


We offer a 40% discount for any order including over $100 of ICS Publications titles, when the customer uses promo code: ICSBULK.

*Note* - Titles found in our "From Other Publishers" area are not eligible for this discount.

Discounts may not be combined with any other promotional offers which may be in effect at time of order, nor combined with web-only special offers.  


If taking an advertised special offer discount (promotional brochure, catalog or online special), be sure to include the Promo Code on the order blank, FAX order, or website shopping cart screen, or mention it in your phone order. The use of the Promo Code ensures that you will receive the discount being offered for the campaign.


A Trade Discount Policy is available to retail booksellers/bookstores. Orders from dealers who have provided acceptable credit information (new accounts please write for form) are shipped on an open-account basis.

All bills are NET, payable from invoice within 30 days.

We offer verified booksellers a 40% discount on every order.

*Note* Our system requires that all bookstores have a registered account on the website in order to properly apply their wholesale discount. Once you have a registered account, please contact us and we will create the permissions on your account needed to access our discounted pricing.