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Rights and Permissions

Rights and Permissions

We ask that all permissions and rights requests be 
submitted via e-mail, regular mail or FAX. Due to the volume and unique conditions of requests, we cannot take phone calls concerning permissions and rights.

We receive numerous requests from groups and individuals to duplicate material from our books.

ICS Publications reserves the right to assess a fee for permission to reproduce materials beyond Fair Use terms (500 words) or for use on a web site.

If the ICS Publications material is to be included in another book to be published 
and sold, please see our Domestic and Foreign Rights sections below.

If you are using a poem or prayer text, or a section from the writings of Carmelite saints 
and the amount of text is greater than 500 words, please contact us for permission.

When contacting us for permission, we will need the following information:

–title of ICS book and author;

–tentative title of your publication;

–your complete name and address and that of organization for whom you are making the request (OCDS chapter, parish, etc.).

If you are duplicating material for private and limited circulation, and not for sale, and if 
the amount of prose text you wish to use is less than 500 words, you may do so without written permission. The following acknowledgment should appear somewhere on the reproduced material. The information you need is found on the copyright page of the book.

Excerpted from [full book title] by [author]. Copyright [date] by ICS Publications, Washington, D.C. Used with permission of the publisher.

Please note: Permission to reproduce material applies only to books for which ICS Publications holds the copyright. If material is copyrighted by the author or another entity, please contact us and we will provide you with the author’s address if applicable.

Please send 2 copies of your printed materials to: 
ICS Publications
2131 Lincoln Rd NE
Washington, DC 20002-1199

Domestic Rights

If you wish to reproduce portions of an ICS Publications book for publication, please provide us with the following information as applicable:

Concerning the ICS Publication book:

Title, author, number of words to be used and copy of pertinent pages/text

Concerning the book you plan to publish:

–Title or tentative title

–Estimated number of copies to be printed

–Your complete name, mailing address, and e-mail address.

Please contact us by e-mail or postal mail at:

Permissions Dept. 
ICS Publications 
2131 Lincoln Rd. NE 
Washington, DC 20002-1199

or by e-mail at:

Please put PERMISSIONS in the subject line


Foreign Rights

If you wish to publish an edition of an ICS Publications title in English or another language or nation, please contact us in English indicating what rights you seek and any other details of your publishing plan.


Send your request to us at:

Foreign Rights
ICS Publications
2131 Lincoln Rd NE
Washington, DC, 20002-1199

or by e-mail at:

Please put FOREIGN RIGHTS in the subject line