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We offer most of our titles in e-book format. 

To purchase one of our titles as an e-book, please find that book on our website. Below the product information (title, author, price, etc.) you will find the different e-book vendors that we offer that title through Kindle, NOOK, Google Play, iBookstore, or Kobo). Click on the vendor associated with your e-reader device and this will take you to their website. The purchase will be made electronically by credit card through the vendor, not through ICS Publications. 

The print book catalog (downloadable PDF) identifies the e-books with this logo: ebook symbol

ICS Publications e-books cannot be purchased using a print order blank. Their purchase is exclusively and directly through the vendor/platform you select. E-books are exempt from promotional sales for print books on our website.

Some ICS titles are not offered as e-books. This may be due to the content or format of the book, which does not permit e-book conversion (e.g., The Divine Adventure has graphs and layouts across 2 pages which cannot be presented properly in e-book format). Or, the book is still scheduled for e-book publication but isn’t ready yet (especially in the case of very large or complex books).