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Examination and Review Copies

Request Publicity Review Copy

ICS Publications is happy to provide publicity review copies upon request.

In return we ask that you provide our editorial and marketing departments with one hard copy each of anything published about our books or authors.

In the case of broadcast or digital publicity we ask that you provide us with a link and/or interview date and time.

In order to process your request please complete the information below and e-mail it to

We invite you to look at our catalog for a complete listing of our titles.

Book title:__________________________________________


Date Required: _____________________________________

Organization: _____________________________________

Name: ____________________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________


City: ________________________________

State: ____ ZIP or Province code: _________

Country: ______________________________

Phone: _______________________________ Ext: __________

E-mail: _______________________________

Website: ______________________________


Please mail one hard copy or PDF copy of each of your materials that mentions our books and/or authors to:

ICS Publications
2131 Lincoln Rd NE
Washington, DC 20002-1199

e-mail: business@icspublications.org   



Examination Copies — Colleges and Universities

Professors and instructors are invited to examine titles for possible classroom use.

Examination copy requests must be sent in on institutional letterhead, or by e-mail using a college or university e-mail address or with a PDF of the letterhead request attached.

Examination copy requests must include the professor’s/instructor’s name, the course name, and the anticipated enrollment.

Examination copies will be mailed with a provisional invoice billed at 50 percent discount. Professors may examine the book for thirty (30) days before taking one of the following actions:

1) adopting the book for the course;

2) paying the invoice; or

3) returning the book.

If the book is adopted and a bookstore or personal order for ten (10) or more copies is received, the exam copy becomes a free desk copy. (Please notify us of the book’s adoption and the order.)


Please direct exam copy requests to the
Marketing Department, ICS Publications, 
2131 Lincoln Road NE, Washington, DC, 20002-1199.

Or e-mail business@icspublications.org

and include Exam Copy Request in the subject line.