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The Prayer of Loving Attention: Saint John of the Cross (Packet of 25 Brochures)

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Now available!

The Prayer of Loving Attention

(Packet of 25 Brochures)

St. John of the Cross

In the commentary to stanza 3 of The Living Flame of Love, St. John of the Cross teaches that prayer, more than being a work that a person does, is a loving response to the God who loves. It is ultimately God who "is the principal agent in the matter" of prayer. 

When more active forms of prayer become laborious or difficult, St. John teaches that God could be inviting the soul to a prayer of simple, loving attention.

Now available from ICS Publications in a convenient pamphlet format, The Prayer of Loving Attention provides an easy-to-read guide to St. John of the Cross's perennially relevant teaching on responding to God's invitation to a more silent and simple form of prayer.

This pamphlet is a great companion to our popular pamphlet on "The Prayer of Recollection" by St. Teresa of Ávila.

  • ICS Code: ICS-POLA
  • 3.5" x 8.5" folded, 14" x 8.5" unfolded

Ideal for:

• RCIA programs
• Contemplative prayer and meditation groups
• Carmelite secular communities
• Women and men in vocational discernment
• Anyone seeking to deepen their personal relationship
with God through a simple form of prayer