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The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, vol. 2 (includes The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle)

Product Description

The Collected Works of
St. Teresa of Avila, vol. 2

Includes The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle

Translated by Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD and
Otilio Rodriguez, OCD

This volume contains two of Teresa's most popular works: The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle.

Shortly after writing The Book of Her Life for her confessor, St. Teresa wrote The Way of Perfection at the request of her nuns who were eager to learn about prayer and contemplation. Throughout this work she teaches her nuns about prayer and also teaches us.

The Interior Castle is considered St. Teresa of Avila’s masterpiece. She wrote this last work in just a few months in 1577, five years before her death. At this point in her life she had been granted the highest mystical graces; this book is the fruit of her lived experience and a deep-felt praise of God for it. Using the image of a castle, Teresa describes the soul’s progressive inner journey through seven dwelling places, until finally reaching the center where, now transformed, it is united with God.

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  • Format: paperback
  • Pages: 504
  • ISBN: 978-0-960087-66-2

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Toward the end of her life, after she had experienced both the spiritual betrothal and spiritual marriage, Teresa wrote The Interior Castle, her own panoramic view of her relationship with God, from the lowest stages to the highest. Teresa here demonstrates her great gift for writing about that relationship and attracting us to explore the possibility of pursuing it.

Along with these two classics, Volume Two also includes one of Teresa's minor works, her Meditations on the Song of Songs. Includes general and biblical index.

Some of the most important instructions on prayer available in the western Christian tradition."

—Margaret Dorgan
Cross Currents